About: Arya Touserkani

I'm an adventure and landscape photographer with a deep appreciation and respect for the outdoors.

I have a strong passion for exploration, a passion that sparked a year-long trip around the globe that began in September 2015 and reinforced my desire to seek wild and natural places.

My goal is to capture the beauty of this world and share stories that inspire others to follow their dreams... or to find new ones. I love putting people in natural settings to create a sense of scale and draw the viewer deeper into the scene. Following the planetary cycles is an obsession of mine and is critical in creating a sense of awe and wonder in my work.

Based in Santa Cruz, California, Compass Creative is the conduit for my work. I'm often on the move creating art through experiences and am available for hire worldwide. Whether on assignment or pursuing personal projects, I'm interested in connecting with you to share my creative vision.